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ABOUT SAILING MARKETPLACE (much more than a sailing website...)

Sailing Marketplace is the first and unique online shopping centre for nautical products. It is the link between high-performance sailors and the best nautical stores!

Our proposal is to offer something unique for sailors; in one single site, they can find everything they need to sail and do regattas!

We bring together the best nautical stores, generating an extraordinary catalogue of all brands of clothing and technical equipment for boats, providing the full range of products, measurements, models, sizes and colours.

We generate a community of opinions and recommendations, which provide unique value, making the shopping experience complete, reliable and easy.



Sailing Marketplace exists for the love of sailing. It is commissioned by a team passionate about the sea, sailing and regattas. We are motivated by innovation and reaching where others cannot. Our mission is to make Sailing Marketplace, the infallible reference website for high-performance sailors.


"MAKE, UNDO, REDO, IMPROVE!" it is our way of doing things, becoming the brand we want, it is our essence.



  • Take care of the environment and especially the sea! (we collaborate with environmental organizations to helping to preserve the seas and oceans around the world)

  • Technology and innovation (we use cutting-edge technology and we are the first and only marketplace in the world dedicated to the world of sailing and racing)

  • We love sports, we are athletes! (we support athletes to achieve their goals)

  • Data protection (we jealously protect the personal data of all users of the Sailing Marketplace)

  • Obsession with attention and service (we are concerned with giving total satisfaction to both buyers and sellers).

  • A community of sailors “From sailors, for sailors” (we are sailors creating a space for sailors)

  • Lifestyle sailing lover (our slogan defines us: Enjoy Sailing!)



From day one we want to take actions to limit the environmental impact generated by our consumer society. We want to do things well. We are nature lovers and we want to take care of it!

Our objective is to positively influence people and the planet. We are not interested in simply being a buying and selling platform, we want to inspire our users to have a better quality of life, in harmony with nature.

We have a responsibility to care for nature and help preserve our planet for future generations. For this reason, we collaborate with foundations and associations that work tirelessly to care for the environment.

Explore, take care and enjoy our seas, oceans and winds!



The Sailing Marketplace Team



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