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What are you waiting for to start selling all over the world?


How does it work? 



* We sell for you! generating an additional sales channel (you can sell all your products, or just only those that interests you).

* You will easily reach new clients (our investment is focused on giving visibility and promoting your products to the nautical world).

* International sales (our platform is multilanguage and multicurrency, so which we reach the whole world, your sales will have no limits!)

* More traffic, more customers (a marketplace generates much more traffic than a normal website, therefore sales possibilities multiply!)

* Cross-selling (if a customer searches for a complementary product to yours, those will appear as related products, generating synergies and additional sales)

* It is not necessary to have a website (if you do not sell online, this is the fastest and easiest opportunity to start selling online worldwide!)

* Save time and money! (we invest in state-of-the-art web infrastructure, in marketing, in communication and in customer acquisition. We also assume the management of money collections, bank charges, shipping and returns, with an obsession for a 24 * 7 personalized customer attention.)



x​  No fixed costs (zero risks!)

x  No monthly fee costs (no commitments, neither entry nor exit!)

x  No "setup" costs (zero investment!)

x  No maintenance costs (nothing, zero, we don't believe in the fine print!)

x  No cost for the number of products (you can sell the number of products you wish, without limit!)

✔  Only a "Win / Win" system (a commission, to be agreed, will be charged only for products sold. Absolutely nothing else)



We would like to invite you onboard, to help you sell your products!




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